April 2010 – and the red dot design award 2010 goes to…

Toddler Company!

The prize winning ToddlerTable Cutlery has been awarded with the highly acclaimed red dot design award 2010.
The award is among the most prestigious design prizes in the world and the cutlery for small chubby fingers is a winner
in the production design category
14. December 2009 – Toddler Company initiates cooperation with relief organisation

Today managing director Ina Brixen paid a visit to Boligfonden for enlige mødre og fædre. She brought 18 prize winning
ToddlerTable Cutlery kits for the youngest residents and the visit initiates the collaboration between Toddler Company
and the relief organisation.

At the moment Toddler Company is preparing the production of a matching cup, plate and bowl to complete the perfect
table set for small hands.

13. November 2009 – ToddlerTable Cutlery in shops now!

ToddlerTable Cutlery can now be purchased from our retailers.

Distributors, retailers and end-users have shown great interest since Toddler Company in August 2009 won the
Scandinavian Design Award at Formland and we are happy to see the increasing numbers of pre-orders.

 - The Scandinavian Design Award has given a lot of publicity and daily contacts from people, who would love to buy
the cutlery as a christening gift or Christmas present for their grandchildren. At this milestone in the manufacturing
process, it is satisfactory to look back and enjoy the transformation from prototype to this final high quality product,
says managing director Ina Brixen.

Toddler Company has been working on quality control and the processing of raw materials for almost a year,
as these elements have to match the unique functionality and aesthetics of the cutlery. At the same time the feedstock
must be applicable to present standards and absolutely without health hazardous substances. In order to meet the high
demands on sustainability the manufacturing process takes place in Denmark to keep a close touch onto the production.

14. August 2009 – Toddler Table Cutlery awarded
Toddler Company has been awarded the Formland Design Award 2009 for their Toddler Table Cutlery.
The prize is given for a new and modern design of children’s cutlery focusing on comfort, functionality and play.
The cutlery is designed by Josefine Bentzen and developed by Toddler Company.

6. August 2009 - Toddler Company nominated for Scandinavian Design Award

Today the people behind ToddlerCompany could celebrate their nomination for Formland Design Award 2009.
The company is nominated for their children’s cutlery.

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